Modern Thrive for Creative Growth

I believe we can all learn from each other and in this business of being a creative and being a business owner, I am always happy to share and receive advice. I read books about business and honing creativity as often as I can (post coming about some great books I recently read), but I want to share with you my new favorite site and tool for learning – it’s called Modern Thrive.

modernthrive_6In their own words: “We provide practical education for today’s professionals through career coaching, workshops and free resources. Our goal is not to give you all of the answers, but to connect you with the people who might have them. Each of our instructors are hand-picked and our workshops are developed with you in mind. We understand that you want to do something big with your career, but that something has to be fulfilling as well. We want to help you find the career path that is going to give you the best life.”


The classes on Modern Thrive are all about follow through. You don’t just learn a basic skill and finish class. These classes are more comprehensive for the serious creative who desires to grow their business. These are not basic “how-to” classes like “how to use instagram” instead (for example) there’s a class on presenting your work in a way that stands out from the crowd and translating your Instagram fame to actual sales. Plus they have SO many classes – adding more each week!


Classes are comprised of three 1-hour sessions, suggested to be taken over the course of three days to thoroughly engage in the lessons, course work and discussions.

Did I mention the instructors are hand-picked? Last May, Cassie Boorn organized Maker Mentors, a totally online conference for creative entrepreneurs. They had more than 200 attendees, and received nothing but positive feedback on the program. Cassie and her creative crew decided to expand and offer live online workshops, hence Modern Thrive. The instructors are carefully selected professionals – real instruction.


Focused on the big picture, targeted toward intelligent, creative business owners and artists, integrated easily into a schedule and quite affordable — these classes are great! I highly recommend checking out the site, the free stuff and trying out a class.

I’d love to know what you think too. I’m helping to spread the word about this site because I believe in continued learning – and this site does a superb, professional job at giving us this opportunity to learn. I also know a couple of the people behind the project and trust their opinion and experience. I hope you find it useful!!


ps. Next week, they are hosting a live workshop with artist agent, Jennifer Nelson, who will talk about when it’s time to look for an agent, how to find quality agents and how to present your work.


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