DIY – Greeting Card Mini Notebook

As a little throwback to our January DIY post, we’re doing another journal, but instead of using felt, we’re using a material that you all already have on hand – a lovely greeting card. Think, a pretty blank card, a birthday card for a little birthday gift, a wedding or congratulations card for a bridal shower, Mother’s day gift, etc… Jaimé chose some lovelies from Rifle Paper Co. here.
Small Card Notebook
Materials: Card, paper, waxed thread, awl, needle
Step 1: Cut and fold paper to size of card (The card we used measured 4.25×5.5in, so we cut in half four – 8.5×11 sheets of paper for the inside)
Step 2: Add paper to the inside of card. (optional: use binder clips to hold in place)
Step 3Step 3: Use the awl to make a hole in the center of the fold, and another about 1in from the top and from the bottom
step4Step 4: Follow steps for needle and thread
Step 4eStep 5: Tie off!
FinalOptional: Start sewing from the inside to have the knot inside. Place under some heavy books to flatten. Trim sides with a paper cutter. Use staples to bind instead of thread.

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