Friday Favorites: Father’s Day

2016-06-08 10.14.40-1
Abbey: I love superheros and a good story. This card is made by Mary at Bruno Press – she hand-carves linoleum blocks then hand-prints her cards. Her shop was passed on to her by her father (who was a designer) after passed away suddenly in 2003, which makes this card extra special and meaningful.

IMG_9381Kerianne: This card from Hazelmade reminds me of my grandpa and all of the time we spent together doing what he loved the most; fishing. Giving this card to my dad for Father’s Day would probably trigger the same memory for him.

Tarah: Simple and sweet which leaves room for me to create my own more lengthy sentiment inside. The colors are muted green and gold, which since my dad is a die-hard Green Bay Packer Fan, these colors run through his blood, but the muted palette makes it a little more classy than the cheesehead version. (from Moglea)
Kerianne: I never buy a card that says “Father’s Day”…because I never call my dad “father.” This card is sweet, simple, and lovely.
Susan: I called my dad Pops quite a bit and so this just resonates with me. He was my first boyfriend, if you will, so I do think of him as #1. Both parents competed for #1 depending on what I could get away with, which was not much. (From Offensive + Delightful)
Jaimé: I love how simple this is and of course it’s one of my favorite brands, Moglea. My dad is pretty sentimental, and I like how this card simply states a such a sweet sentiment.
Abbey: I also love these new 6 pack cards we recently got in! The front flap opens up and you can write a note underneath then fill with your dad’s favorite local craft beers!

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