Friday Finds: Staff Favorites



Jaime’s Fave:
It’s fun and I like that it comes with a colored envelope. I just sent this to a friend today! I used a gold sharpie for some “envelope art” / doodles. (from Bench Pressed)

Kerianne’s Fave:
We often have a tendency to label birthdays as a day that reminds us we are one step closer to being “old.” A different, and perhaps healthier perspective, is to view birthdays as another year we were given to live fully. Emily McDowell captures this sentiment perfectly in her “Happy Anniversary of Being Alive” card. A simple yet beautiful reminder to celebrate the gift of being alive!”

B_actually_crying copy

Tarah’s Fave:
Ok, ok, I totally feel lame choosing one from our own line, but I recently purchased this card for a family member. It captures the essence of the hype we feel rides on our birthdays, what the day must live up to, the emotion of time passing by, or the epic fun we have at a party, and as with most great expectations, disappointment often follows haha… This card is just so spot on, I can’t pass it up! (find it online here)


Susan’s Fave:

This cards easily crosses all age groups. I like it because it is smart alecky but oh so true. You could give it to your Aunt Mary or your best friend and it would ring true for both. Plus how exciting to open up a cheerfully yellow letterpress card. (from Bench Pressed)


Abbey’s Fave:

I’ve always been attracted to Papaya! cards. With so much detail and great use of color, they are always a bit exotic and unexpected. I love this card most for it’s sentiment, “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. Happy Birthday.” It’s a mantra I live by and believe we all should. Negativity in age and change is unhealthy, but with a youthful state-of-mind, happiness is unavoidable. Cherish those birthdays!