DIY – Greeting Card Mini Notebook

As a little throwback to our January DIY post, we’re doing another journal, but instead of using felt, we’re using a material that you all already have on hand – a lovely greeting card. Think, a pretty blank card, a birthday card for a little birthday gift, a wedding or congratulations card for a bridal shower, Mother’s day gift, etc… Jaimé chose some lovelies from Rifle Paper Co. here.
Small Card Notebook
Materials: Card, paper, waxed thread, awl, needle
Step 1: Cut and fold paper to size of card (The card we used measured 4.25×5.5in, so we cut in half four – 8.5×11 sheets of paper for the inside)
Step 2: Add paper to the inside of card. (optional: use binder clips to hold in place)
Step 3Step 3: Use the awl to make a hole in the center of the fold, and another about 1in from the top and from the bottom
step4Step 4: Follow steps for needle and thread
Step 4eStep 5: Tie off!
FinalOptional: Start sewing from the inside to have the knot inside. Place under some heavy books to flatten. Trim sides with a paper cutter. Use staples to bind instead of thread.

2016 Resolution: More DIY!

Our resolution for 2016 is to slow down and enjoy more of the process – time with our hands, time with friends, time for creating and playing. Not the type of creating we do every day at work, but a little more hands on, experimental. We’ve decided to share our favorite DIY projects with you here on the blog so you can enjoy some more experimental time as well! Our first project below utilizes one of our most favorite materials – felt – and results in a practical item you can never have enough of – a journal!
Reusable Felt Notebook

A. MaterialsMaterials: Thick felt, 10+ sheets of paper (8.5×11), elastic cord (1 yard), scissors, awl, ruler or template

B. Cut Felt LineStep 1: Cut felt to size of paper. Leave some room around the edges, around 1/4 inch. We used a 12x12in piece that was cut down to around 9x12in.
C. Measure MarksStep 2: Use template and awl to make 5 holes down the center of the felt. (Or measure approx.)
setpbystepStep 3: Follow steps for lacing elastic cord through holes
I. Step 6Step 4: Fold paper in half and insert into the cover as shown
Step 5: Tighten elastic and knot on the outside of cover, securing the paper
K. FinalStep 6: Close book, bring elastic ends to the right side and knot the ends together

Products: Small Monthly Planner, Hazelmade Little Notes, Field Notes, and Lettermate

Optional: Sew on a pocket. Add different types of paper. Make and add a paper folder. Make in different sizes (see Field Note). Use different materials for the cover (leather, vinyl, etc). Refill, reuse, refill, reuse…