Company Spotlight: Haute Papier


We are so excited to introduce you to our classy line of personal stationery that 6.25 Paper began carrying this summer. We were eyeing their thick papers and bold designs for awhile and finally took the plunge at the National Stationery Show to carry a few of their custom offerings. 


Haute Papier (pronounced hoyt pop-E, so fancy right?) began when two friends, Sarah Meyer Walsh and Erin Miller, took one letterpress lesson just out of interest. The two fell in love with the artform, left their day-jobs and bought an antique press. Wallaaah… 10 years later and a lot of hard work, their line keeps growing.


From fabulous inner-envelope liners, to foil letterpress, and even the option to have your custom signature letterpressed onto stationery. Having these ready on your desk will set apart your business and personal correspondence. After you see and feel these beauties you will agree that email is overrated!

Their custom stationery packages are perfect for an office gift, congratulations for a marriage, graduation, promotion, or just for some added sophistication and fun on your own desk. The samples above can come in foil, letterpress or flat printing. The prices range from $75 to $150 for a set of 50 personalized notes & envelopes that are flat or letterpressed. Liners are optional and foil printing is available for a premium price. 


Additionally, they have fun neon notepads with white flat-printing, great for stocking stuffers or birthday gifts! Personalized notepads start at just $15 +shipping for a single small pad. They offer great combo packs too!


6.25 Paper also hosts their custom napkins to correspond with any event. 

Orders take up to 2-3 weeks to get back, so it’s always best to place your orders far in advance. We highly suggest ordering soon if you would like to gift any of these lovelies for the holidays. Mention this post in the store for a 5% discount on your first order of Haute Papier. 

New Addition

A quick update to share our joy and explain the lack of posts. A week ago, we welcomed our lovely little girl, Zoie, into our family. She is an energetic little monkey, quickly adjusting and loving her new surroundings. And ridiculously adorable!

I apologize for putting this blog on the far back burner. We’ve been a little busy in preparation, but hopefully we’ll get a routine down and you will soon see some lovely real weddings from 2011 plus more store news.

If you stop into the store in the next couple months, you will find either Dayle, Alexa or Tarah readily available to assist you! I am not completely MIA, just working from home during the transition. I’ll be focusing on all the lovely custom orders. Can’t wait to share the 2012 weddings in the works!

Okay, one more photo – our first time eating out (at Hopcat of course:)

Saving the earth at 10 years old

This has been a reflective week for me as one of my very best friends from elementary school had her 30th birthday. I went through one of my old boxes of journals to find something fun to send her, hopefully bringing back a fun memory. I did so and while reading through the thoughts of my 10-year-old self, I found an interesting little entry that has stuck with me all week. It goes like this (un-edited):

“… For my shirt design I would put
“Save the Earth!”
I would put that because, I believe
in saving animals, people, and the world.
Its a terible thing to waist.”

-Feb. 25th 1993

I remember being one of those hippie kids, drawing peace signs and hearts everywhere, but I guess I’ve forgotten how much motivation and confidence I had at such young age to make meaningful changes. We tend lose a little of that “activist” personality as we age, gain responsibilities, lose time and get overcome with our consumerism culture.

I look forward to the energy and motivation of our daughter once she comes home. I think having a young spirit around will help me re-gain that sense of individual capability & activism.

For now, I’ll relish a little more in my deepest thoughts 18 years ago.