Letter Writing Evening with 6.25 Paper


Guess what?! April is National Letter Writing Month and as a stationery store this may be better than Christmas so we’re throwing a special party to celebrate! Encouraging the art of writing and sending snail mail is why we went into business in the first place. Because of this, we are boldly joining thousands of people across the nation and writing 30 letters in 30 days during the month of April. We have been inspired by the great teams at Egg Press and Hello!Lucky who – every year – encourage their followers to do just this in their Write_On Campaign.

We are thrilled to be a part of such an awesome campaign and hope you will join in on the hand-cramping, postage stamping, cheer-spreading fun! You can join the movement by tagging your beautiful envelopes and stationery photos on instagram with #write_on and #writemorewith625paper Need some inspiration to get your thoughtfulness flowing? Check out Write_On’s list of Reasons to Write.

On March 31st, from 6-9pm, you are invited to join us for our Kick-Off Party filled with note-writing, snacking, drinking, some chill music, raffles, plus a very special store discount so you can stock up to prepare for all of your April writing. Our staff will be there to help you with letter suggestions and to make sure your wine/beer glass is full.

You are encouraged to bring your own cards, letters, writing materials, etc… but depending on which option you choose (see below), you may not need to bring anything but your address book!

The Letter Writer Enthusiast:
Includes a kit with 6 greeting cards and envelopes, a sheet of writing paper with envelope, a Gelly Roll pen, a monogram set, and 6 postage stamps to get your challenge started. (total value over $50)

The Letter Writer Fanatic:
Includes a kit with 10 greeting cards and envelopes, a set of 10 writing paper sheets with envelopes, a monogram set, a Gelly Roll & a Precision pen, and 10 postage stamps to get you going. (total value over $80)

The Bat-Shit-Crazy Letter Writer:
This is a letter-writer’s ultimate fantasy package.
Includes 20 greeting cards and envelopes, a set of 25 writing paper sheets with envelopes, a monogram set, a set of GR postcards, a Gelly Roll & a Precision pen, plus 30 postage stamps so you have no excuse to meet the 30-day challenge! (Total monetary value over $165, but really, who can put a price on this experience!?)

Greeting cards will vary per attendee and include options for every occasion — and you’ll be able to switch cards with those around you. We expect this evening to fill up fast, so be sure to register early.

Hope to see you there!!!

Modern Thrive for Creative Growth

I believe we can all learn from each other and in this business of being a creative and being a business owner, I am always happy to share and receive advice. I read books about business and honing creativity as often as I can (post coming about some great books I recently read), but I want to share with you my new favorite site and tool for learning – it’s called Modern Thrive.

modernthrive_6In their own words: “We provide practical education for today’s professionals through career coaching, workshops and free resources. Our goal is not to give you all of the answers, but to connect you with the people who might have them. Each of our instructors are hand-picked and our workshops are developed with you in mind. We understand that you want to do something big with your career, but that something has to be fulfilling as well. We want to help you find the career path that is going to give you the best life.”


The classes on Modern Thrive are all about follow through. You don’t just learn a basic skill and finish class. These classes are more comprehensive for the serious creative who desires to grow their business. These are not basic “how-to” classes like “how to use instagram” instead (for example) there’s a class on presenting your work in a way that stands out from the crowd and translating your Instagram fame to actual sales. Plus they have SO many classes – adding more each week!


Classes are comprised of three 1-hour sessions, suggested to be taken over the course of three days to thoroughly engage in the lessons, course work and discussions.

Did I mention the instructors are hand-picked? Last May, Cassie Boorn organized Maker Mentors, a totally online conference for creative entrepreneurs. They had more than 200 attendees, and received nothing but positive feedback on the program. Cassie and her creative crew decided to expand and offer live online workshops, hence Modern Thrive. The instructors are carefully selected professionals – real instruction.


Focused on the big picture, targeted toward intelligent, creative business owners and artists, integrated easily into a schedule and quite affordable — these classes are great! I highly recommend checking out the site, the free stuff and trying out a class.

I’d love to know what you think too. I’m helping to spread the word about this site because I believe in continued learning – and this site does a superb, professional job at giving us this opportunity to learn. I also know a couple of the people behind the project and trust their opinion and experience. I hope you find it useful!!


ps. Next week, they are hosting a live workshop with artist agent, Jennifer Nelson, who will talk about when it’s time to look for an agent, how to find quality agents and how to present your work.


Friday Finds: Staff’s favorite Valentine’s Cards


Friendly: Last year when I discovered the very graphic offerings from Meeschmosh, I instantly fell in love! I especially love this XOXO card that adorns hearts and a striking gold foil accent.
Romance: When a relationship may not be committed or is just starting out and Valentines rolls around, there’s always that awkward question of what to do. With all the pressure on love, I like how we’ve created a card that uses the other L word to share your feelings and take off some off the pressure.


Friendly: My Jam – my favorite of the Felix line. Also, a nickname of mine (Jam/Jam-Jam). The phrase has a good feeling to it. I would love to be considered someone’s jam.
Romance: For that awkward time before you’re officially together or haven’t really confessed your feelings to that someone special. I remember what that feels like, and this card totally embodies it – from Emily McDowell. 


Friendly: Valentine’s Day is for lovers and friends and these two cards cover the issue. The Valentine for sweet friends (9th Letterpress) is so beautiful with eye candy design and who does not have a sweet friend?

always-and-forever-love-greeting-card-01_2Romance: As for lovey-dovey, Rifle cards always say it best. My favorite Valentine will know he has my heart when he receives this card.

Friendly: I would save this one for a surprise V-day card to a friend in town I haven’t spent enough one-on-one time with in awhile, probably a reason for mamas to leave their babes for an evening and catch up without having to chase toddlers around. To me, quality time is what makes relationships, so it would assure a little more of that! (9th Letterpress)

Friendly: These are actually little gift tags from Thimblepress that are so fun to send to girlfriends and attach to a little treat, a homemade baked good or even a little crafty goodness like these tassel necklaces we made at Christmas in our DIY class….


Romance: So this V-day I will have just had a new babe (1 week away!!)… so needless to say, getting jiggy with it will not be on my radar. This card is perfect to pass along to my amazing hubs for this short, maybe not as romantic, yet oh so special season of life. (Let’s get jiggy with it … or not, and say we did – from 6.25 Paper)

Midwest Mondays: Hazelmade Spotlight

It seems like chance meetings in the art community become friendships more often than not, especially with stationery. This couldn’t be more true than in our relationship with Susan Hazel Rich. One wintery day two years ago she stopped into our shop, showing off some samples. Our retail extraordinaire, Susan, took a few looks, left a note for Abbey stating “You must see this!” — and now we’re all buds!

shr_stitchedWe’re also excited to announce that she will be teaching a very unique embroidery class at our shop in just a few weeks that will teach you how to embellish and create with some easy stitching techniques. This class is limited, so sign up today! Now back to her awesome business…

It’s been such a pleasure getting to know her approach to stationery and design, her love of paper and pen, and how whimsically she brings outdoor elements into her creations. Her relationships, pen-pals, vintage textiles and her perfectly tucked away cabin in the woods feed her inspiration. We’ve watched her grow from a passionate artist to the determined business owner behind Hazelmade. She was a busy girl this year, developing her wholesale line of illustrated paper and home goods, coming out with her first catalog, and coming along with us to NSS this past May. Now her work is popping up in stores around the country – including our own!


PhotoCreditGoodFolkPhotography_15bHere are some of our favorite Hazelmade products.

PhotoCreditGoodFolkPhotography_6bWe LOVE, LOVE her mini notes too – perfect to sneak into a lunch bag, suitcase, or pair with a beautiful bouquet.

PhotoCreditGoodFolkPhotography_9Hazelmade’s one-of-a-kind art cards really stand out in the industry as they are not printed but each individually sewn and glued together as a collection of found objects, illustrations, and scraps of fabric and papers that after sent are perfect for framing.

PhotoCreditGoodFolkPhotography_1In addition to stationery, she creates amazing tea towels, clutches, bags, and unique sewn gifts.

We are so thankful to have been a part of her journey and are excited to see what 2016 has in store for Hazelmade!

Favorite Holiday Gift Wrap


Gift-giving is all about thoughtfulness and making the receiver feel treasured, and we believe this begins with the wrapping paper and bows. Nothing excites like seeing your name on the most beautifully adorned gift under the tree. So set the tone for the holiday season by choosing a color palette or motif and have fun decorating your gifts! 


Photos courtesy Smock Paper

Susan: Do we have wrapping paper, or what? I grew up helping my mom wrap Christmas presents and while I was not especially particular at that time, my tastes have changed. Now I want the look, the feel, just the right ribbon and the perfect tag — you would think I am looking for an Olympic rating.

This year we have so many papers to choose from it is hard to narrow it down to two but both my favs are from Smock. One is a silver evergreen branch that feels like sin and screams out for a deep Merlot color ribbon. Second is the station wagon with a tree on top of the car because this is exactly what my parents’ car looked like back in the day and it makes me smile every time I see it.


Photos courtesy Rifle Paper and Snow & Graham

Tarah: Well, since Susan stole my #1 fav this year (the station wagon carrying the tree) … I am always drawn to natural looking papers that pair well with evergreens or big red bows. I also love Rifle’s winter white and soft spearmint blossom sheets because you could put this with any bright-colored ribbon for a real pop. It’s just a classy, sophisticated looking paper to me. For kiddo gifts I love Snow & Graham’s colorful elf wrap, so cheery and fun with their bright, long jingle bell hats. This paper is sure to bring a smile and get a little one excited about what’s inside!


Photos courtesy Moglea

Abbey: Every year I have a different holiday color palette with my tree and gift wrapping (Truly, I decorate the tree with cheap balls. I have a handful of colors that I just switch out each year). I just love incorporating bright, unique giftwrap into my decor. Moglea’s wrap makes a striking addition to to any tree – especially when their colors coordinate with your decor.

2015-11-16 09.23.09

Our very own 6.25 Splatter Paint Gift Wrap as seen in HGTV’s December issue. The article talks about mixing up your color palettes and our wrap is shown as a strip across a kraft box. Using a smaller amount of the sheet allows you to make a nice sheet go a long way.


We love the simplicity of a kraft paper box filled with goodies secured with some washi and a color pop of wrapping paper down the middle. Simple and classy, and cost effective! This allows you to splurge on that paper by the sheet that you fell in love with, and get a couple gifts out of it! Bring in the outdoors to finish it up with a pine topper or finish with a classic candy cane.

The holidays can get a bad wrap, no pun intended, for being wasteful, but with the explosion of pinterest there are so many ideas for handmade, responsible gifts on top of companies that allow you to be conscious consumers. This mindset towards sustainability can translate into your gift wrap too, not compromising the final look. You can used previously worn sweaters, or scraps of felt as gift pouches by cutting 8 holes (needs to be an even number) around the periphery, like a clock. Then string twine, string, leather cord or whatever you have on hand to synch it all together. Looks beautifully crafted and is able to be reused, acting as an additional gift!

Along these lines you can use remnants of felt or sturdy fabric to cut petals and string together for a striking topper. Also, you can use the leftover trimmings of ribbon, tying lengths in descending order down a stick to make a cute little Christmas tree ornament that can be easily tied to the top of a gift.

Tassels are so in right now, so you could make a few with embroidery floss, but we especially like the idea of tying twine around pine needles to make a natural tassel to jazz up a gift.

Everyone’s Favorite Holiday Card

IMG_0164b.jpgWe are over-flow’n with holiday cards here at the shop this year. There were so many great new designs and companies, so we just decided to carry a bit of everything! Below, you’ll see our staff’s most favorite cards. (above: Antiquaria nailed the more masculine designs this year – great for anyone!!)

g1x002-01copySusan: Ok, so I might be showing my age but Christmas is all about nostalgia for me. Spending the holidays with my beloved grandparents and all my cousins. Lights, action, too much candy, Vernor’s soda, and loads of fun. My parents viewed it all a bit differently, parties, packing up 7 kids, some modicum of discipline and exhaustion. All that aside I can still think about the magical side of this season, fresh snow, presents, lighted Christmas trees, wonderful meals, did I mention presents? You can only imagine what our tree looked like with gifts for anywhere from 11-30 people underneath. I feel the goosebumps coming on now.

So in light of all this nostalgia my choices are two of Rifle’s collection… who can’t smile at Santa riding his sleigh through the night sky of characters from the Nutcracker. These cards show me the season as I remember it from childhood. Rifle has some of the most beautiful cards and wrapping paper this season, so come on in, let us show you, and see if you don’t agree!

image (1).jpegJaimé: This card by Egg Press looks so fresh and fun, truly bringing on new year vibes. The accent of the gold lettering and simple lines pair great with the Moglea wrapping – use a few green sprigs (or cut some paper ones out) to top the gift and these two are perfect together!

image.jpegJaimé: Who doesn’t love a unicorn and the idea of magic during the holidays. I’m imagining this little guy strolling off to leap through this floral scene of black and white Rifle wrapping paper.  Add some red ribbon or twine to catch your eye and these will go together wonderfully!

IMG_0322.jpgTarah: Antiquaria’s simple “Merry Christmas” copper foil greeting’s illustration evokes a playful, childhood nostalgia that I enjoy. This card has a very unique look, unlike any holiday card I’ve seen. Again, I say COPPER FOIL.

Eggpress’s Baaaa Humbug is perfect to send to all the grinches in your life. One year, we used the phrase for our Christmas card using a grumpy picture of our 3 month old, so I think that memory is why I am drawn to it. It’s a well delivered pun with the cute illustration, and the little sheep’s hat and “I don’t give a crap” expression is icing on the cake.

IMG_0317.jpgTarah: For a single holiday card I chose Let it Snow from Emily McDowell because it goes past the holiday spirit and beckons the receiver to go enjoy the wintery outdoors. The season, in its entirety, is something to celebrate — even in the blustery weather. Bundle up, embrace the cold, and go snowshoeing or sledding, just don’t forget your cozy hat!

IMG_0316.jpgTarah: This card set from Moglea is one of my favorites we have in the shop just because of its simplicity — a sweet greeting in a cheery colored letterpress with sturdy cardstock and one-of-a-kind painting. I am so drawn to all of Moglea’s work because each was touched multiple times by their team through the layers embedded in their creative process: from the design, to the paint, to the letterpress — all come together to create beautiful, mailable art.

IMG_0308.jpgAbbey: My favorite holiday find this year was Mister McGinnis’s hairy men cards, wrapping paper and his naughty, naughty reindeer. Love McGinnis’s humor, original drawings, plus I’m a sucker for anything screen printed!

IMG_0314.jpgAbbey: I didn’t intend to add another card, but this particular one catches my eye every day as I walk past. I love everything Moglea produces, and I especially love their simple style here mixed with the profound sentiment. It’s rare you find a love card for the holidays. This one is perfect not only for a spouse, but for a mom, grandparent, sister, close friend, etc. It’s such a special card – a true diamond – and I’m so glad we carry it.

Company Spotlight: Haute Papier


We are so excited to introduce you to our classy line of personal stationery that 6.25 Paper began carrying this summer. We were eyeing their thick papers and bold designs for awhile and finally took the plunge at the National Stationery Show to carry a few of their custom offerings. 


Haute Papier (pronounced hoyt pop-E, so fancy right?) began when two friends, Sarah Meyer Walsh and Erin Miller, took one letterpress lesson just out of interest. The two fell in love with the artform, left their day-jobs and bought an antique press. Wallaaah… 10 years later and a lot of hard work, their line keeps growing.


From fabulous inner-envelope liners, to foil letterpress, and even the option to have your custom signature letterpressed onto stationery. Having these ready on your desk will set apart your business and personal correspondence. After you see and feel these beauties you will agree that email is overrated!

Their custom stationery packages are perfect for an office gift, congratulations for a marriage, graduation, promotion, or just for some added sophistication and fun on your own desk. The samples above can come in foil, letterpress or flat printing. The prices range from $75 to $150 for a set of 50 personalized notes & envelopes that are flat or letterpressed. Liners are optional and foil printing is available for a premium price. 


Additionally, they have fun neon notepads with white flat-printing, great for stocking stuffers or birthday gifts! Personalized notepads start at just $15 +shipping for a single small pad. They offer great combo packs too!


6.25 Paper also hosts their custom napkins to correspond with any event. 

Orders take up to 2-3 weeks to get back, so it’s always best to place your orders far in advance. We highly suggest ordering soon if you would like to gift any of these lovelies for the holidays. Mention this post in the store for a 5% discount on your first order of Haute Papier.