Happy ArtPrize

ArtPrize is an important time here at 6.25 Paper. Not only is it a an awesome energy of people, artwork, conversation, education and connection — it’s also an energy of people that should be the norm during any given season in our lovely downtown. It’s exciting to imagine what the city would be like if the suburbs visited our core more often, discovered what’s new and destined to their local shops, restaurants and museums… ArtPrize gives us business owners that experience.

ArtPrize also marks 6.25’s anniversary! This year we grow into our terrible two’s – which means it’s about time we made a ruckus, right? I think we’ll remain pretty easy-going, but there are some exciting changes on the horizon. Stay tuned for some big news to celebrate next month!!

For now, enjoy the artwork, meet new people, engage in the downtown energy — and don’t forget to come back and see us. We’re here year-round:)

**We want you to come back so bad, that we’re giving you THREE coupons with every purchase for the next 3 weeks!!**