Reason’s to Write from Susan!


With one week left this month, its time to get those final cards out for the 30 letters in 30 days April challenge! Here are a few quick ideas from one of our staff, Susan…

  1. Encouragement card to a mom to say what a good job she is doing with her children like this adorable one above from Good Paper.
  2. Note for anniversary of bereavement once a month for a year, to show acknowledgement that they are continuously supported long after the loss, but while the pain still persists.
  3. Send a list of good books I have recently (or not) read.
  4. Note of thanks/applause for thankless job.
  5. Note to compare thoughts on continuing story line on PBS shows or a popular series (A GOT note is apropos this week!)



Friday Favorites: Staff Picks to Beat the Winter Blues

IMG_0914Tarah: I chose a new card on our shelves from Thimblepress, the gold foil, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE set on whimsical strokes of color. This card is A. Cheery and B. Who doesn’t want to be told that they are the best, or prized by someone they love? This could be left as is to convey “you are simply my favorite”, or written more specifically to a favorite server at your local standby, nurse friend, teacher or a boss. But probably don’t give it to your child if you have more than one.

IMG_0909Kerianne: Without using any words, this card seems to send the reassurance that spring is on the way. Simple, beautiful, and versatile, this card from Rifle Paper Co. could be used for Easter, Mother’s Day, or just to say “hello” to a friend.

IMG_0904Susan: This is my fav card for Spring — a bunch of brightly colored hearts that just lifts my spirits after our dreary weather these past few days. I love this new line of cards by Good Paper. They are so beautifully designed and assembled by young adults in Rwanda to provide jobs and support their families. We have many designs in all the card categories so you must come in to pick your favorite.

IMG_0907Abbey: My personal way to beat the winter blues is always to share some laughs with a friend. Remind your girlfriend of good times and friendship with this card from Offensive & Delightful — sure to cheer her up!