Everyone’s Favorite Holiday Card

IMG_0164b.jpgWe are over-flow’n with holiday cards here at the shop this year. There were so many great new designs and companies, so we just decided to carry a bit of everything! Below, you’ll see our staff’s most favorite cards. (above: Antiquaria nailed the more masculine designs this year – great for anyone!!)

g1x002-01copySusan: Ok, so I might be showing my age but Christmas is all about nostalgia for me. Spending the holidays with my beloved grandparents and all my cousins. Lights, action, too much candy, Vernor’s soda, and loads of fun. My parents viewed it all a bit differently, parties, packing up 7 kids, some modicum of discipline and exhaustion. All that aside I can still think about the magical side of this season, fresh snow, presents, lighted Christmas trees, wonderful meals, did I mention presents? You can only imagine what our tree looked like with gifts for anywhere from 11-30 people underneath. I feel the goosebumps coming on now.

So in light of all this nostalgia my choices are two of Rifle’s collection… who can’t smile at Santa riding his sleigh through the night sky of characters from the Nutcracker. These cards show me the season as I remember it from childhood. Rifle has some of the most beautiful cards and wrapping paper this season, so come on in, let us show you, and see if you don’t agree!

image (1).jpegJaimé: This card by Egg Press looks so fresh and fun, truly bringing on new year vibes. The accent of the gold lettering and simple lines pair great with the Moglea wrapping – use a few green sprigs (or cut some paper ones out) to top the gift and these two are perfect together!

image.jpegJaimé: Who doesn’t love a unicorn and the idea of magic during the holidays. I’m imagining this little guy strolling off to leap through this floral scene of black and white Rifle wrapping paper.  Add some red ribbon or twine to catch your eye and these will go together wonderfully!

IMG_0322.jpgTarah: Antiquaria’s simple “Merry Christmas” copper foil greeting’s illustration evokes a playful, childhood nostalgia that I enjoy. This card has a very unique look, unlike any holiday card I’ve seen. Again, I say COPPER FOIL.

Eggpress’s Baaaa Humbug is perfect to send to all the grinches in your life. One year, we used the phrase for our Christmas card using a grumpy picture of our 3 month old, so I think that memory is why I am drawn to it. It’s a well delivered pun with the cute illustration, and the little sheep’s hat and “I don’t give a crap” expression is icing on the cake.

IMG_0317.jpgTarah: For a single holiday card I chose Let it Snow from Emily McDowell because it goes past the holiday spirit and beckons the receiver to go enjoy the wintery outdoors. The season, in its entirety, is something to celebrate — even in the blustery weather. Bundle up, embrace the cold, and go snowshoeing or sledding, just don’t forget your cozy hat!

IMG_0316.jpgTarah: This card set from Moglea is one of my favorites we have in the shop just because of its simplicity — a sweet greeting in a cheery colored letterpress with sturdy cardstock and one-of-a-kind painting. I am so drawn to all of Moglea’s work because each was touched multiple times by their team through the layers embedded in their creative process: from the design, to the paint, to the letterpress — all come together to create beautiful, mailable art.

IMG_0308.jpgAbbey: My favorite holiday find this year was Mister McGinnis’s hairy men cards, wrapping paper and his naughty, naughty reindeer. Love McGinnis’s humor, original drawings, plus I’m a sucker for anything screen printed!

IMG_0314.jpgAbbey: I didn’t intend to add another card, but this particular one catches my eye every day as I walk past. I love everything Moglea produces, and I especially love their simple style here mixed with the profound sentiment. It’s rare you find a love card for the holidays. This one is perfect not only for a spouse, but for a mom, grandparent, sister, close friend, etc. It’s such a special card – a true diamond – and I’m so glad we carry it.

Letters to Santa

Encourage your kids to write by having them send a special Letter to Santa at the 6.25 Paper store! All materials provided and Santa will even write back if you wish. We’ll have an area for kids to write their letters set up during all open hours starting Friday Nov. 22nd through Dec. 24th.

We’re also hosting some make and take projects for kids this season. Stop in Nov. 26th or 27th for some Popsicle stick menorahs and Toilet paper roll turkeys! All materials provided and always free! Watch our Facebook page for other upcoming events.


Winter Weddings on Neenah Paper Blog

My 4th and final 2011 Sustainable Wedding Ideas post is up
on the Neenah Paper Blog, Against the Grain.

You may click on the link above to read the whole post,
I will just share the lovely images here…

I had a little help with getting these props together, which is one
of the many things I LOVE about being in MoDiv with all these talented people!

bokay by Easter Floral provided the red berries
Chai Boutique provided the rustic crate
the kitchen sinc provided the serving dish
bolero (& sustainable attire info!) was provided by the talented Vue Design

In 2012 I will continue to guest-blog for Neenah,
providing fun DIY tutorials for sustainable wedding projects.

Wrapping it up, 2011

How about we wrap up the year talking about some 2011 holiday wrap.
{insert rimshot here}

I usually match up my tree ornament colors with my wrapping paper,
with the porch garland, with the gift tags, etc…

My tree was (still is) red and orange colors – but the wrap was a bit random.
I fell in love with this spool of cloth ribbon from Anthro,
re-used some packing paper and added gift tags.

It ended up to be an eclectic and budget-friendly look.
Definitely not the fanciest year for us, but quick/easy was just what I needed this year.

I’m curious – am I the only one that tries to color-coordinate my decor with wrapping style each year or do you do the same? Share in the comments, purdy-pleez!

Get this Holiday Stuff SOLD!

We are now entering the “get this holiday stuff SOLD” period in the retail world. Therefore, I’ve started a sale on holiday items as follows:
(only available in the physical store downtown Grand Rapids)

Holiday gift wrap: 50% off
Holiday card sets: 30% off
Holiday card singles: Buy 2, get 1 free
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Be sure to check out all our stocking stuffer ideas and last minute gifts too!