Poetry for Paper Lovers


Valentines sentiments from Freshly Squeezed in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
(find these and more goodies in the 6.25 Paper Shop in downtown Grand Rapids!)

We are up on Neenah Paper’s blog again with a romantic paper poem and lots of lovely paper eye-candy to swoon over. Check it out and share it with your paper-loving friends:)

The ink is red, and sometimes blue,
Cotton is soft, and so are you.
Thou feel so natural, classic and elegant;
Your impression lasts more than instant:
It endures through time and memory.
Now I know, lasting is your glory.

I will never forget the first time I felt;
That delicate texture made my hear melt.
Those perfect edges, firm and able;
Your grammage and caliper – more than capable
Of weakening my knees and skipping my beat
The world – never the same after our meet.

Although I’ve had many love interests;
None, true as yours, will fill my requests.
Please never change, age or become tainted,
And I promise to keep us acquainted.
Forever our bond will hold,
Like your fibers – so strong – even under fold.

A couple lovies from the 6.25 Paper wholesale line, also available at our Grand Rapids store.

A couple lovies from the 6.25 Paper wholesale line, also available at our Grand Rapids store.

Click here to see the full post on Neenah.
Happy love week!

Winter Weddings on Neenah Paper Blog

My 4th and final 2011 Sustainable Wedding Ideas post is up
on the Neenah Paper Blog, Against the Grain.

You may click on the link above to read the whole post,
I will just share the lovely images here…

I had a little help with getting these props together, which is one
of the many things I LOVE about being in MoDiv with all these talented people!

bokay by Easter Floral provided the red berries
Chai Boutique provided the rustic crate
the kitchen sinc provided the serving dish
bolero (& sustainable attire info!) was provided by the talented Vue Design

In 2012 I will continue to guest-blog for Neenah,
providing fun DIY tutorials for sustainable wedding projects.