DIY – Greeting Card Mini Notebook

As a little throwback to our January DIY post, we’re doing another journal, but instead of using felt, we’re using a material that you all already have on hand – a lovely greeting card. Think, a pretty blank card, a birthday card for a little birthday gift, a wedding or congratulations card for a bridal shower, Mother’s day gift, etc… Jaimé chose some lovelies from Rifle Paper Co. here.
Small Card Notebook
Materials: Card, paper, waxed thread, awl, needle
Step 1: Cut and fold paper to size of card (The card we used measured 4.25×5.5in, so we cut in half four – 8.5×11 sheets of paper for the inside)
Step 2: Add paper to the inside of card. (optional: use binder clips to hold in place)
Step 3Step 3: Use the awl to make a hole in the center of the fold, and another about 1in from the top and from the bottom
step4Step 4: Follow steps for needle and thread
Step 4eStep 5: Tie off!
FinalOptional: Start sewing from the inside to have the knot inside. Place under some heavy books to flatten. Trim sides with a paper cutter. Use staples to bind instead of thread.

NSS Sneaky Peek!

We’ve been busy, busy with weddings this season, which pushed back catalog prep for NSS. However, things are wrapping up (insert rimshot) with our new 2013 products and I’m excited to share a sneak peek!

We’ve expanded our catalog to not only include the wedding album, cards and calendars; but we will also have giftwrap, jotters and notepads (oh, and more cards and calendars)!

Here’s one of our Gift Wrap lines — Paint Splatter, which comes in 10 color palettes.
Super bright and will look great when all displayed together!

IMG_7513And my favorite new product, little briefcase jotters.
The patterns for these jotters have been in my head for a while now.
My daughter, who was born in the DRC in Africa, loves reading. There are a few
African-inspired books that she gravitates to when we read before bed. They depict a natural, undeveloped area of Africa contrasted by vibrantly patterned African clothing, commonly associated with African design. My daughter traveled home to us in such clothing, and I have been wanting to create something with an African feel ever since. I decided against bold colors and instead used a “skin” color palette to portray
our colorful family and a world of natural beauty.


We will be using the patterns in other fun products to come.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 12.50.55 PM

We hope to see you and meet you at National Stationery Show this year!
Look us up at Booth #1677 to see these new items in person.