Stationery for President

catalog2016_fbtop12This Presidential election isn’t typical. Never before, it seems, have candidates been so polarizing, that there becomes a general sense of dissatisfaction and trust for the average citizen — on both sides. We at 6.25 Paper tend to diffuse situations with humor, and the 2016 election seemed like a good reason to bring some smiles to our loyal customers.

Laughs quiet fear.

Our team worked together to bring clever sentiments around each major candidate paired with incredible illustrations by Jaimé Johnson and hand-lettering by Abbey Fowler. Shop our Presidential Candidate Cards here.

Additionally, in this spirit of fun amidst the current political climate, we made “I Voted” pins as our swag for the National Stationery Show this year… Stop by the store to get yours (for free) today! We voted #stationeryforpresident. You can join us, from now until November (and forevermore) — send your sentiments in snail mail!

Hear, hear, Stationery for President!

The Grand Opening

Monday night Mayor Hartwell joined all the merchants here at MoDiv to cut the ceremonial ribbon right in front of my store! We celebrated afterwards with a lively reception and many media interviews.

Many many thanks to Rockford Construction for all their hard work on this event and the space itself. We watch them work diligently around here to make the Shops at MoDiv better and better.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit all our unique local shops, please do — there’s so much to see.
40 Monroe Center, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Get this Holiday Stuff SOLD!

We are now entering the “get this holiday stuff SOLD” period in the retail world. Therefore, I’ve started a sale on holiday items as follows:
(only available in the physical store downtown Grand Rapids)

Holiday gift wrap: 50% off
Holiday card sets: 30% off
Holiday card singles: Buy 2, get 1 free
Elfing Holiday card singles: Buy 1 get 1 free

Be sure to check out all our stocking stuffer ideas and last minute gifts too!