A Treehouse Wedding


Could there be anything more romantic or adorable than a wedding in a tree house? A tree house is where we as children “play” wedding. But to actually have a real, grown-up wedding on a tree-covered hilltop with a beautiful view of your hometown and zoo!? Awesome.


We were honored to work with this couple and loved everything about this wedding, so much so that we wrote about it on the Neenah Paper Blog. Check out the full post (with more lovely photos) about this Michigan treehouse wedding!

Who made this event look so so beautiful? The photographer of course! All photos are from Matt Pratt, one of my favorite West Michigan wedding photographers!

Welcome Joel – Outdoor Pastels

Joel makes me think of home. As in where I grew up — on a farm in Indiana.
It reminds me of meadows, fields, hot sun and a playful youth.


I believe a couple needs to have a very certain style for this suite. It’s meant for outdoor or country weddings — more casual affairs that don’t involve fine crystal or tall glass vases. Because every country girl knows, once the dancin’ starts, there better not be
anything breakable around!

I used a pastel palette here, similar to the colors you’ll see next week with the Marcus suite. Because we’re using five colors here, I think pastels or a mix of tints from the same color work best. If using more bold colors, we can switch to using less colors like below.


Below is a mix of inspirational images. Think backyards and ball jars,
sandals and lemonade, giggling flower girls and clear blue skies.


See these photos in full and much more inspiration
on our Joel Outdoor Wedding Pinterest Board!

Welcome Wayde – Vintage Floral

One of my favorite long-time suites, but with an updated 2013 color twist.
Bring on the Mint trend; pastels and golds are hot, hot this year!


The inspiration for Wayde began with a vintage floral custom wedding
invitation suite from our 2009 archive:

waydeinpirationThe use of vintage-inspired designs from fabric, wallpaper, vintage stationery, etc., can go with many wedding styles. It’s a perfect fit for outdoor storybook weddings, but glitzed up, a vintage design can be an unexpectedly worthy of a more formal affair.

I decided to play with the mint/emerald 2013 color trend. Emerald 17-5641 is Pantone’s color of the year and mint has stepped in as more of a subtle option, as Emerald is kind of a bold color for most weddings. Gold has been a popular pairing with mint and other pastels. Embracing the gold comeback, I included some lovely, shiny gold papers with this suite for my album sample (as always, the ink colors and paper choices can be customized at no additional cost — just in case you’re more of a silver gal. ; )


Check out our Vintage Floral and Mint/Gold Pinterest board for more inspiration!

Welcome, Christopher

Pull the anchors and let’s sail away!
Introducing one of our newer wedding suites, Christopher.

Christopher Wedding Invitation

We are embracing the trend and creating a fun, full wedding suite around the nautical wedding theme. This design started with this 2012 nautical wedding, located on Lake Lansing in Michigan. The Bride and Groom decided to embrace their location, and we created the perfect nautical suite with her colors: green, pink and navy.

carly_wedding{photo from Kelly Braman Photography}

Unlike the Benjamin design, I feel like nautical is a theme you could go all out with. Get creative and tasteful with your details and you can carry this theme through the whole wedding day. Here are some ideas below, but find many more on
our Christopher | Nautical Wedding Inspiration Board.


{Mr. & Mrs Bouys | Nautical Laptop BagNautical Giftset | Striped FlatsBoat Server}