Friday Finds: Reason’s to Write from Tarah

IMG_0882Lately it seems that friends and I are constantly texting, facebooking, or emailing recipes to each other. There is something about someone in your circle saying “make this” that inspires me to immediately add it to our week’s menu, while I could be perusing beautifully crafted meals on Pinterest for 30 minutes, pinning away, yet may not get around to making a single one of them. It is because of this I decided that during my 30 days of letter-writing for the Write_On Campaign, I will sending along a single Matrick and Eve recipe card to a few friends. I am so excited about this idea because when something is received in the mail and handwritten it is elevated from the everyday digital version. Although they likely contain the same information, one will be treasured and have a lifespan far past the other!

IMG_0888Other than weddings, showers and jury duty, when is our presence requested through a letter dropped in a mailbox? I love the “Good for One Coffee Date” notes by 9th Letterpress because it is the everyday hangout made more significant just because it is received on a cute card rather than a simple text. As a mom of two, evening coffee dates are the way I stay connected with friends, the real conversations filled with sharing our joys and discouragements over a hot cup. These times are incredibly significant to me, so maybe I should set the tone through ink on paper instead of through a screen.

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