Midwest Mondays: A Day Date in Cincy

sleepybee_cincy1Being from Michigan and attending a university in Tennessee, I did many a drive up and down I75, and probably passed through Cincinnati over 25 times. Yet, my idea of it was Skyline Chili (a chain of chili restaurants based in Cincy), a nice-looking riverfront I’d see as I crossed the bridge, and mostly a grungy, industrialized city off the highway. Nothing really beckoned me to stop and dig in. That was until my good friend moved there about two years ago, and boy had I gotten it all wrong… after a quick visit I contemplated moving. (PS: this form of unbridled zeal is always my MO after a great trip!)

After a few more in-depth visits, here are some of my favorite spots…

Sleepy Bee Cafe– (pictured at top) Get your day started within the walls of a historic, reclaimed building. Rest assured that the delicious menu options will delight your taste buds as well as protect the earth and our little buzzing friends. They source ALL meat and dairy locally, paying particular attention to pro-bee practices. The owner, mama of three kiddos, is motivated to make meals that children will enjoy, and that will nourish their growing bodies!

Washington Square Park– Wide open spaces with equipment rentals and bike accessibility, right in the heart of the city. Access to parking right on campus, and only a short walk from the riverfront. Pack a picnic and play some kickball!

Over the Rhine or “The OTR”- This area is the shiz. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t read about the reemergence of this neighborhood anywhere as it was so prolific. I mean, an area where every moral ill flourished transitioning to trendy boutiques and restaurants with two hour waits in the middle of the day… this is press worthy!

  • Go to The Eagle, a made over post office, for a fried chicken sandwich that will make you wish you had a southern grandma.



  • As far as shopping goes, MiCA stood out as the best of the best with unique finds for your home or gifts for others!


  • And since we love stationery, you must check out Steamwhistle Press, a local letterpress shop churning out custom goods as well as a line of greeting cards.


Findlay Market: Bright, cheery, eclectic, full of ethnic food stalls, artisan foods, and fresh produce, this market has retained its history, dating back to 1855! Try the Vietnamese pho at Pho Lang Thang.

Fusion: Their motto is “You roll, your way.” and not kidding I would need to be rolled out of this place if we had it in GR. Think Chipotle meets sushi, now let the daydreams begin… and there you have it, a creative, engaging experience with fresh, made to order rolls right in front of your eyes. They’ve got an entire wall of yummy flavored teas, and they’re about sustainability. I’m leaving the stationery business and opening a franchise tomorrow.


Company Spotlight: Haute Papier


We are so excited to introduce you to our classy line of personal stationery that 6.25 Paper began carrying this summer. We were eyeing their thick papers and bold designs for awhile and finally took the plunge at the National Stationery Show to carry a few of their custom offerings. 


Haute Papier (pronounced hoyt pop-E, so fancy right?) began when two friends, Sarah Meyer Walsh and Erin Miller, took one letterpress lesson just out of interest. The two fell in love with the artform, left their day-jobs and bought an antique press. Wallaaah… 10 years later and a lot of hard work, their line keeps growing.


From fabulous inner-envelope liners, to foil letterpress, and even the option to have your custom signature letterpressed onto stationery. Having these ready on your desk will set apart your business and personal correspondence. After you see and feel these beauties you will agree that email is overrated!

Their custom stationery packages are perfect for an office gift, congratulations for a marriage, graduation, promotion, or just for some added sophistication and fun on your own desk. The samples above can come in foil, letterpress or flat printing. The prices range from $75 to $150 for a set of 50 personalized notes & envelopes that are flat or letterpressed. Liners are optional and foil printing is available for a premium price. 


Additionally, they have fun neon notepads with white flat-printing, great for stocking stuffers or birthday gifts! Personalized notepads start at just $15 +shipping for a single small pad. They offer great combo packs too!


6.25 Paper also hosts their custom napkins to correspond with any event. 

Orders take up to 2-3 weeks to get back, so it’s always best to place your orders far in advance. We highly suggest ordering soon if you would like to gift any of these lovelies for the holidays. Mention this post in the store for a 5% discount on your first order of Haute Papier. 

Friday Finds: Staff Favorites

Gratefulness has a way of ushering in joy. By recognizing each others gifts, we bring light to what is good and what is filling us up – what we lack seems to grow hazy in the background.

There is always an occasion for thankfulness. Whether it’s for small deeds that often go unnoticed or giant deeds so large that no thank you note could possibly hold enough words, sending a note to recognize someone’s contribution into your life, however small or seemingly insignificant, brings joy to both the sender and the recipient. There is fulfillment that springs up as we focus on the gifts that others bring to our lives. Also pride for the receiver, as they recognize that what they do for you matters. The investment, sacrifice, or simply the act of noticing or being with you mattered in your life. That, my friend, is powerful. So send a thank you not – especially now in the spirit of Thanksgiving, and all year long!


Susan: Whimsy & Wild
Nobody said a postcard can’t be personal. This Thank You note is all about brevity and conciseness. Great for our male shoppers.


Kerianne: Gwyneth Paige
Clean and simple. Beautiful. That’s what I look for in a Thank You card. I love that this card is blank on the inside because it allows me to fill it with my own thoughts of gratitude…even though they may not be as clever as some of the humor we carry, I always go for the simple thank you card. 


Tarah: Rifle
These are my favorite right now because they are small, beautiful, and the postcard form reminds me to send thank you’s more often, not just for the birthday gifts or large gestures of kindness. I love sending a card for simple things like a friend who is just awesome, for a phone call, or a coffee. Since they are so pretty I’ll look for more reasons to get these babies in the mail. Oh, and for frugal friends, postcard stamps are cheaper!

ty_antiqJaime: Antiquaria
Love the colors and mixing of patterns on these abstract Thank You cards. I enjoy cards that are fun to look at. It’s something I would want to put where I can see after reading vs. putting away in a box or tossing the next day.

ty_thanksAbbey: 6.25 Paper
I know, lame, I picked one of our own designs here, but if I’m not making my favorite shit then I’m not making the right stuff, eh? I just love this lettering, love the clean black, white and grey – it’s my fave!